Forex Trade Signal Subscription Options

Choose From 2 Options to Trade!

Option 1: How to Subscribe to our Forex Auto Copy Trade Signals

Before you do anything, make sure you have the following set up and ready:

  1. A Forex Brokerage Account (Must have accessibility to MT4 Forex Trading Platform)(We work with, but this is completely up to you.)
  2. The MetaTrader 4 platform fully set up and logged into your account.
  3. An account at These are free and easy to sign up to.
  4. Funds available for the Forex signal subscription fees (Needed for you to select our paid, premium signal).
  5. Funded trade account available for Trading

For A More Detailed Instructions For Setting Up Your Trading Account, Please visit:

Now just click on the Subscribe button below to enter our ForexDestiny – MT4 Signals Page & click on the Green “Copy for $30” Button* on the top right of the page to set up our trade copier with your account and your all set!*

*After clicking the Green Copy for $30 button, you will be able to watch a tutorial and see just how the copying is performed in MetaTrader as well as instructions for downloading & setting up your MT4 platform & account. You will be able to define the percentage of your Forex trading account that you wish to allocate to your signals and set up the stop loss/take profit levels for every trade.

Option 2: Receive Trade Signals & Join Our Telegram Subscription Group

Subscribe to our Private Telegram Group and you will receive our Forex Trade Signals as they are happening! Click Subscribe Below!

Telegram Trade Signal Subscription

Price: $30 For 30 Days of Signals. Recurring. Cancel whenever you wish.

This option allows you to decide if you want to enter into trade/s based on your own knowledge & discretion. After you’ve subscribed, sign up to Telegram & download the Telegram App where you will receive the signals. Once we receive notification from our payment processor of your payment, we will send you a link in Telegram to join our private group (DestinyForex) & begin receiving our trade signals.*

*You will receive notification of trades only when trades are initiated, changes to trades are made, or if a trade is closed. Please ignore any advertisements you may receive in the app.