Forex Trade Signal Subscriptions

Before you try to Subscribe to our Forex Signal

For A More Detailed Instructions For Sitting Up Your Trading Account, Please visit:

Before you do anything, make sure you have the following set up or ready:

  1. A Forex Brokerage Account (Must have accessibility to MT4 Forex Trading Platform)(We work with, but this is completely up to you.)
  2. The MetaTrader 4 platform fully set up and logged into your account.
  3. An account at These are free and easy to sign up to.
  4. Funds available for the Forex signal subscription fees (Needed for you to select our paid, premium signal).
  5. Funded account available for Trading

Now just click on the photo below to enter our ForexDestiny – MT4 Signals Page & click on the Green “Copy for $30” Button on the top right of the page to set up our trade copier with your account and your all set!

You will be able to define the percentage of your Forex trading account that you wish to allocate to your signals and set up the stop loss/take profit levels for every trade.