Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Why Does The Account Currently Show Negative Profits?

While our account may show negative from time to time, these are open & active trades (also known as a Float). Our main goal is to always close our open trades in profit. Our trades are based on throughout analysis and will remain open so long as the trade remains within range of our analysis.

Although rare, we may from time to time find it necessary to close a trade at a loss if we perceive that the trade will not become profitable. We will often hold open trades until we see them move into profitability which may last for several days or weeks (also known as a draw-down period). You are free to close your copy trades whenever you wish.

Where Can I See Your Current Trading Record & History Of The Copy trade Robot?

You can see all our past & current trades as well as an in-depth analysis of our copy trade robot account here: ForexDestiny

Or, you can visit a detailed analysis of our trade account by clicking here: MyFxBook

How Much Is The TeleGram Signal Service Service?

The Current Subscription Price For The Telegram Signals Is $30 Per Month.

How Much Is The Trade Copy Robot Service?

The Current subscription Price for The Trade Copier Service Is $30 Per Month.

How Many Signals Will I Receive Thru Telegram During A One Month Subscription?

We can not project how many trades will be sent during a month as trades are opened, closed and analyzed continuously throughout the month. Most often, when one trade is closed, another position will be opened.

How Many Trades Will Be Made Thru The Trade Copy Robot Service During A One Month Subscription?

We trade a variable amount of trades per month with the goal of utilizing all available funds for trading while not exceeding margin.

What Margin Ratio Do We Use?

We Currently Use a 1:10 Ratio.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

You can get started using our trade signal or trade robot with as little as a $10 funded account (depending on your brokers minimum limit). We suggest starting with a funded account of at least $100 – $1000 minimum available for trading.

How Much Money Will I Make In A Month?

Due to the multiple unforeseeable variables, we can not project how much money you can potentially make or lose.

Can I Lose Money?

Yes, you can lose money. While this is not our goal, as in any investment their is risk involved and you can potentially lose all or some of your money. Do not invest money you are not willing to accept losing. It is your responsibility to understand the risks involved.

Do You Guarantee I Will Make Money?

We can not & do not guarantee profitability. While our record speaks for itself, past results do not guarantee future results & are not indicative of future results.

Can I Use Any Brokerage Firm?

Yes. While we suggest using a brokerage that is regulated to your particular country or region, the choice is yours. As long as the brokerage has availability on the MT4 platform, you can utilize our copy trade robot.

Do I Need To Monitor My Trade Copy Account?

Yes. While our trade copy robot will execute trades for you, you should still monitor your account and trades made to ensure you are comfortable with the trades & positions according to your personal level of risk aversion.

Do I Have Any Control Of My Account Using Trade Copy Robot Subscription?

You have the option to set your preferred margin ratio as well as set your own Stops & Take Profit levels different from those used by our robot at any time.

Do We Hedge Trades?

We do not hedge trades & we follow FIFO rules. If you would like to hedge trades you can always create a sub-account with your brokerage and enter those trades on your own manually should you choose to do so.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription directly in your personal MQL5 Account by visiting your account/Signals/My Subscriptions section on the website. You will still be billed for the current period & receive signals until the end of the currently paid subscription period.